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Sally Hansen

"Beauty To A Woman Is Power" - Sally Hansen, 1934.

Sally Hansen: the original self-made woman. In her early career, Sally Hansen worked as a dancer where she realised that there must be something to do about brittle nails that break easily. She wanted to create a range of innovative beauty products that were available for everyone.

"Beauty that really worked."

By the early 40s, Sally Hansen started creating the nail polishes and treatments that soon became the favourites of women all across America. Sally Hansen was the first woman who, at the time most women ran a household, ran a successful company. Her devotion to innovation, self-expression and independence allowed her to create what some might think of as far fetched dream for a woman of that time into a reality. Sally worked tirelessly to run her business and even the brand logo was designed in her own handwriting. Her commitment and hard work allowed her to build a legacy that goes beyond just Sally Hansen's nail polish and beauty products, her legacy speaks of a head-strong, determined woman who defied her time and created something that most men couldn't. All this because:

"Beauty is more than nail polish. Beauty is kindness, tolerance, character, and mental attitude."

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Beauty creates confidence. We all know that. But the "Power of Self-Made Beauty" allows us to see beyond the beauty of physical appearances. Harnessing this power and the power of self-confidence, Sally Hansen strives to offer you the products that allow you to feel like your best self.

The Sally Hansen nail polishes, with their easy to apply formulation with a long-wearing shine, offer your nails the next best thing to a salon gel manicure. The strengthening nail polishes ensure even the most brittle of nails will feel protected and stronger than ever with only two thin coats of the highly pigmented Sally Hansen nail varnish. The nail polishes require a simple two-step process to look their ultimate best. Simply apply two thin coats of the chip-resistant colourful polish and finish off with a topcoat. Easy, right? The Sally Hansen nail polishes offer your nails up to 10 days of chip-free wear that strengthens your nails in the process. Offering a wide selection of shades to choose from, the Sally Hansen nail polishes offer you the ability to build your self-confidence because "beauty is better when you do it yourself".

We know it is easy to overlook the nail treatments with such a brightly coloured selection of nail polishes, but we could not forget about what has put Sally Hansen on the market. Known for their highly effective strengthening nail treatments and basecoats, Sally Hansen continues to allow you to have the best natural nails. Their Hard As Nails range is what has made Sally Hansen most popular since their early beginnings in the 1940s. Formulated with Nylon, Retinol, Soy and Omega 3, the Hard As Nails line will instantly smooth out ridges in the nails and give them a boost of strength. The Sally Hansen nail treatment protects soft nails from chipping, splitting and breaking, so you can create the perfect base for a fresh coat of gorgeous nail polish.

Of course, self-made beauty doesn't end with nails. The Sally Hansen fake tan line allows you to diminish the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Covering freckles, veins and discolouration, the Sally Hansen tanning sprays and lotions allow you to easily give your skin a makeover. The tanning lotion and spray offer a waterproof coverage that also helps to stimulate circulation in the skin for a firmer appearance. Enriched with Palmaria Extract, the Sally Hansen tan moisturises and perfects the appearance of the skin.

Sally Hansen offers quite the range of products, don't they? Wow! It's a good thing we have selected only the best so you can now find them at Nail Polish Direct. Available at the best prices and with Free UK Shipping, you can now shop the best Sally Hansen nail polishes, nail treatments and tanning lotions.